5 instant cameras every millennial needs


While we all have our smartphones to take quality photos, there are still many reasons why it is worth exploring an instant camera. From the immediate gratification to the vintage-style prints, owning an instant camera puts a unique twist on your typical photographs. We've rounded up the 5 best instant cameras below perfect for any party or your next vacation!

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The Fujifilm instant mini camera is a top-seller on Amazon for a very good reason. This modern camera features automatic exposure and chooses the best setting for your environment. ($55.88)


The Polaroid 600 instant camera is the perfect camera for beginners. The simple point-and-shoot feature makes taking the perfect picture look easy. ($169)

3. Polaroid's Snap instant digital camera features ZINK zero printing technology allowing photos to print in under 60 seconds. The small compact size allows this minimalistic camera to easily fit in your pocket. It even saves a digital copy to you can post right onto social media!($99)

4. The Lomography Bora Bora instant camera includes a wide-angle, close-up and fisheye lens attachment allowing you to have complete control over your photos. ($149)

5. Polaroid's PIC-300 instantly prints business card sized colored photos and has an auto adjusting flash. ($68.99)

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