Noah Syndergaard appears to take one last shot at Wilpons while congratulating new Mets owner

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard doesn’t seem too torn up about the Wilpon family selling the team. Syndergaard appeared to take one final swipe at the Wilpons on Friday while congratulating new Mets owner Steve Cohen.

Syndergaard said he hoped the team’s new owner would treat players and personnel “like people and less like expendable commodities.”

Was Syndergaard just speaking generally, or was that a veiled shot at the Wilpon family? Syndergaard’s quote is just vague enough that he could plausibly deny he was speaking about the Wilpons if pressed about his comment.

Syndergaard also referred to new team owner Steve Cohen as Bobby Axelrod, a character from Showtime’s “Billions.” Cohen — who is worth over $14 billion — is now the richest owner in MLB.

Noah Syndergaard looking to return from Tommy John surgery

Syndergaard’s stint with the Mets hasn’t exactly been smooth. When healthy, he’s among the best starters in baseball, but Syndergaard has dealt with a number of injuries in his young MLB career. He missed the entire 2020 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery.

On top of that, Syndergaard hasn’t always seen eye to eye with the team’s front office. He’s been the subject of trade rumors in the past, and has bristled over lineup decisions. Those issues never escalated to the point where Syndergaard demanded to be elsewhere, however.

If Syndergaard wants to stay with the Mets long term, he won’t have long to make an impression on Cohen. Syndergaard is under contract with the Mets for one more year, and will become a free agent following the 2021 MLB season. He’ll will have to prove he’s both healthy and effective coming off Tommy John surgery if he hopes to receive a long-term extension from the team.

While that could prove difficult, anything seems possible — including Syndergaard remaining with the team — now that the Wilpons are out.

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