'All cash': LeBron James hails Barack Obama's smooth 3-pointer before Michigan rally

Basketball king LeBron James gave a sweet shout out Saturday to Barack Obama, who effortlessly made a three-point shot at a Flint, Michigan, basketball court before a campaign rally.

“Whoah, whoah, whoah!” responded one stunned spectator.

“That’s I what do,” Obama bragged just a little as he strode off..

He later tweeted a clip of the feat, with the message: “Shoot your shot,” and a link to iwillvote.com.

James shot back: “You just showing out now my friend ... Ok ok I see. All cash!”

The court where Obama nailed his three-pointer was at Flint Northwestern High School, where a number of NBA players got their start.

Obama often played basketball when he was in the White House.

In the new documentary “The Way I See It,” Obama’s White House photographer Pete Souza recalled the time he captured the former president blocking a shot by former NBA star Reggie Love. As Obama walked away from the court, he asked Souza: “Did you get that block?”

Twitter followers couldn’t help comparing Obama to Trump’s “shots,” like the time he chucked rolls of paper towels at Puerto Rican hurricane survivors n 2017.

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