A Cowboys reporter hated a question even more than Mike McCarthy — and forgot he wasn't muted

Things aren’t going great in Dallas Cowboys land these days.

The team is 2-5. Dak Prescott is hurt. Andy Dalton is hurt. The team’s defense is one of the worst in the NFL. Head coach Mike McCarthy is already receiving anonymous shots from his players.

And now, some discontent is even showing up during McCarthy’s news conferences.

During the coach’s Zoom conference on Thursday, McCarthy fielded a, shall we say ... meandering question from a reporter on whether or not a history of slow starts will cause him to change his practice schedule as a coach.

Cowboys reporter says what Mike McCarthy is thinking

McCarthy looked less than thrilled to answer the question, but then another reporters basically answered it for him:

“God ...,” a single, unidentified reporter said as the question ended, likely not realizing he wasn’t muted on the Zoom call.

Here’s the full question:

“You’ve talked about the past research and thought that you’ve put into how you structure the practice week dating back to your time in Green Bay. Given the trend of slow starts, is that something that you take a look at? Seeing whether or not you tweak how you structure the practice week? Or is that something’s that off the table?”

McCarthy seemed to enjoy the reporter-on-reporter brush, as did many reporters who could be heard laughing. The coach then decided to move on without addressing the question:

“So they liked the question, huh? That wasn’t me. Jesus. Um, I forgot the question.”

Incredibly enough, this isn’t even the weirdest moment on a Cowboys Zoom call this week. That “honor” belongs to Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who had to walk away from a call with reporters after touching his eye with Tabasco sauce on his fingers.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of year for the Cowboys.

Mike McCarthy wears a face mask and gives a thumbs-up.
Mike McCarthy was happy not to respond to a question on Thursday. (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

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