DeAndre Hopkins explains why he gave middle finger to pro-Donald Trump caravan


Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins said he had a reason for giving the middle finger to a caravan of President Donald Trump supporters. Photos of Hopkins flipping the bird went viral prior to Sunday’s game, but he didn’t immediately respond to questions about those pictures.

On Tuesday, Hopkins confirmed he flipped off the group on the “All Things Covered” podcast. Hopkins said people were beeping at him for entering the caravan. He also joked about giving the middle finger, saying he was trying to give a peace sign, but his other finger hurt.

Hopkins’ full answer read:

“Driving down the highway I guess I got in between a train or a bunch of cars that I wasn’t supposed to be in between in my car. And some of those were honking the horn at me and stuff like that I guess to tell me to get out of their way, and I didn’t. The guy in front of me stepping on his brakes and tried to stop dead in traffic and I got around him and I stuck him a birdie. I really was about to do the peace sign to him, but this finger right here was kinda hurting, so it didn’t make it up in time.

“But I was like, ‘Damn, dude, you’re trying to stop on brakes in dead traffic, cause I’m in your guys’ train and what not just trying to go to work?’ So, yeah, there wasn’t nothing thrown out the car or anything like that. No speeding. Obviously, you see me right there. If I was in a Ferrari speeding, I don’t think you would be able to take a still picture of me. That’s all.”

Hopkins’ last few comments came in response to a member of the caravan who suggested Hopkins was speeding and creating a dangerous situation. Hopkins said that wasn’t the case, and cited the pictures to make his case.

DeAndre Hopkins dominates during ‘Sunday Night Football’

If Hopkins was bothered by the confrontation, he didn’t show it during “Sunday Night Football.” Hopkins went off for 10 catches, 103 yards and a touchdown in the Cardinals’ 37-34 overtime win over Seattle. It was the type of performance that completely justified why the team traded for Hopkins in the offseason.

The fact that Hopkins put up those numbers with a “hurt” finger makes his performance that much more impressive.

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