John Daly supports President Donald Trump at debate: 'He’s like me and Jesus we love everyone'

Golfer John Daly expects big things from President Donald Trump on Nov. 3. Daly — who attended Thursday’s presidential debate by invitation from the president — believes Trump will be re-elected once all the ballots are counted.

Voting Playbook
Voting Playbook

Why? Because Daly believes Trump is like Jesus, according to USA Today.

And Daly’s prediction for Election Day on Nov. 3?

“Trump wins and it ends cause he’s like me and Jesus we love everyone.’’

Daly — who appeared at the debate wearing an American flag blazer — said he’s been friends with Trump since 1992. Daly said he calls the president “DADDY TRUMP.”

John Daly and Kid Rock attended presidential debate to support Trump

Daly wasn’t the only celebrity to show up in support of Trump. Kid Rock also was spotted at the event. Rock reportedly held some type of concert at an after-debate party, according to Daly. Both Daly and Rock supported Trump in 2016.

Daly was supportive of Trump during the lead-up to the 2016 election, and has said playing golf with Trump was one of the best days of Daly’s life. Rock — who launched a pro-Trump clothing line in 2016 — has also played golf with Trump.

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