Odell Beckham Jr. downplays coronavirus concerns: 'I don't think COVID can get to me'


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had a health scare going into Week 6. Beckham missed two days of practice due to an illness, and since this is 2020, that led to concern Beckham could be dealing with COVID-19.

That wasn’t the case. Beckham tested negative for coronavirus multiple times and eventually played in the Brown’s 38-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He finished the game with 2 catches for 25 yards.

Beckham was asked whether he was concerned he had COVID-19, and responded by saying he didn’t think the virus could get to him.

“I don’t think COVID can get to me,” Beckham said. “I don’t think it’s going to enter this body. I don’t want no parts of it. It don’t want no parts of me. It’s a mutual respect.”

That’s not how the virus works. It’s not going to be magically repelled by Beckham just because he’s different. While it’s encouraging that Beckham respects the virus — as evidenced by his “I don’t want no parts of it” quote — his insistence that the virus also respects him is not exactly backed up by science.

By all accounts, Beckham handled his illness well in the lead up to Week 6. He self reported his symptoms and agreed with the team’s decision to send him home. Beckham said he didn’t want to infect his teammates with whatever he had. That was the proper way to handle the situation, which makes Beckham’s comments about “mutual respect” all the more confusing. His actions suggest he’s taking the virus seriously. His words make things more convoluted.

Beckham expresses frustration over Browns loss

Beckham’s return Sunday didn’t do much to lift the Browns. He — along with quarterback Baker Mayfield — was pulled early during the blowout loss to the Steelers. Beckham wasn’t happy about that, and showed as much with an outburst on the sideline.

When asked about that, Beckham said he’s “tired of losing.”

After a rough loss to the Steelers, Beckham and the Browns will hope to bounce back when the team takes on the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7.

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