Mary Trump predicts how Donald Trump would react to an election loss


Mary Trump said her uncle Donald Trump is in for a “rough ride” should his Democratic opponent Joe Biden win the presidential election.

On Tuesday, CNN host Don Lemon asked the president’s niece — a clinical psychologist who published a tell-all book about her uncle and family in July — how she thinks Trump might react if he loses his reelection bid, given his upbringing and “who he is.”

The president, who has been trailing Biden in the polls, told a rally audience in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday that Biden is the worst presidential candidate of all time. He said it would be “disgusting” if he lost to the Democrat.

If Trump does end up losing, “he’s setting himself up to look really bad,” his niece assessed. “He’s not going to take it well. Losing is not an acceptable thing in my family. My grandfather set his business up and his family up as a zero-sum game, and that meant only one person could win and everybody else needed to lose.”

“In order to win, Donald was trained to do everything it took, whether it’s lying, cheating or stealing.”

She also said that for the first time in his life, her uncle has almost nobody left to bail him out ― a pressure she said he’s very unfamiliar with.

Trump’s niece characterized the president’s recent behavior ― including a desperate plea at Tuesday’s rally for suburban women to “please like me” ― as being “uncharacteristically obviously weak” and something he would typically have criticized others for.

Watch the interview here.

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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.