Peyton Manning shows off 6-pack abs during trip to the beach


Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning hasn’t slacked off in retirement. In fact, you could argue Manning is actually in the best shape of his life after Manning showed off his six-pack on a trip to the beach.

That’s right, the 44-year-old Manning is ripped. TMZ has the photo evidence if you want to see for yourself. Manning looks fantastic in the photos, as evidenced by his many, many abs.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, as Manning never came across as extremely buff during his playing career. That’s probably an unfair criticism considering he’s a world-class athlete who was surrounded by massive, muscular dudes his entire career. Manning was always in shape. He had to be in order to do his job well. Maybe we just never realized it?

Peyton Manning can finally get back at his Broncos teammates

In fairness, you can’t really blame us if we didn’t know Manning had a six-pack. He was reluctant to show off his stomach during his playing career.

Manning’s Broncos teammates once teased him about that.

If Manning wanted, he could get some revenge now. At the very least, Manning’s stomach wouldn’t look out of place if that Broncos prank photo was taken today.

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