Aaron Rodgers destroys critics after hot start: 'Down years for me are career years for most quarterbacks'

Reports of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ demise were greatly exaggerated. After an offseason of speculation that Rodgers’ time with the Packers could be coming to an end, Rodgers is playing some of the best football of his career.

Through four games, Rodgers has thrown 13 touchdowns against zero interceptions. That performance has helped lead the Packers to a 4-0 start to the season. It’s also put Rodgers in the way-too-early MVP conversation.

Rodgers, 36, is well aware there were people who expected him to show signs of decline this season. He punched back at those haters Tuesday, letting them know his numbers in a bad year are pretty good for most other quarterbacks.

Rodgers made those comments on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday. The best part of the clip: McAfee reacts immediately while Rodgers slyly smiles about what he just said. It’s rare to hear any player brag about their career like that, but Rodgers knows he’s done more than enough to back up that talk. Even if you’re a Chicago Bears fan who hates Rodgers with every fiber of your being, you can’t argue his point.

Aaron Rodgers drops f-bomb while calling out media

While the “down years” quote was the spiciest thing Rodgers said during the interview with McAfee, it wasn’t the only statement that deserves attention. Rodgers also called out the media for asking him dumb questions.

That issue arose after McAfee teased Rodgers and the Packers taking on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6.

Rodgers got a little more animated than that, though. He actually dropped an f-bomb when discussing how his quotes get picked apart by the media.

“Is anybody surprised? All the f---ing media does is write stories to get clicks ... I can give a long answer about something, and they can take a blip of it and write a story about it that has nothing to do with what I was saying.”

His last point likely deals with some of the fallout between Rodgers and former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Following McCarthy’s firing, Bleacher Report wrote a long piece about the dysfunction in the Packers’ locker room due to McCarthy and Rodgers’ poor relationship. Rodgers ripped that report, calling it a “smear attack.”

In addition to that, Rodgers is one of the biggest names in football. It’s only natural that his quotes would receive more attention. Sometimes, that results in his quotes being taken out of context. That’s an unfortunate aspect of Rodgers being in the spotlight.

Because of that, it’s refreshing to see Rodgers give some real insight into those issues. On the rare instance when Rodgers gives in-depth interviews, he comes off as genuine and thoughtful. How many other quarterbacks can openly boast about how dominant they’ve been over their career and come off as charming while doing it?

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