Jerry Jones expresses 'sensitivity and concern' after President Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is concerned for President Donald Trump after Trump tweeted he tested positive for coronavirus. Jones addressed the situation Friday, expressing “sensitivity and concern” for Trump.

Jones made those comments unprompted while appearing on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Jones also called Trump “the hardest worker you’ve ever seen.” Jones added, “Knowing him, he’ll be able to go right on through this and hopefully not miss a beat.”

Jones reportedly donated over $1 million to Trump in the past. The two also reportedly spoke numerous times when NFL players began taking a knee in 2017 as a form of protest against racial and social injustice.

President Donald Trump tweets he has coronavirus

Jones’ comments come just hours after Trump revealed he tested positive for coronavirus.

Trump said he and his wife, Melania Trump, both tested positive for coronavirus. Trump said they will immediately begin quarantining.

In the wake of Trump’s tweet, few athletes have weighed in on social media. Andy Roddick and Dick Allen tweeted support for wearing masks, though neither specifically mentioned Trump in their tweets.

That leaves Jones as the most prominent sports figure to comment on Trump’s positive coronavirus test.

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