Burger King Belgium campaigns for a Michelin star

Burger King cooked up a new campaign in hopes of getting a Michelin star.

A petition from Burger King Belgium is circulating online in a push for the fast-food chain to receive the coveted culinary honor.

“With our Master Angus, we aimed very high on quality,” reads a Facebook post by Burger King Luxembourg, which included a link to the Change.org petition. “Now we try our luck to enter the Michelin Guide. Help us get our star by signing here.”

The petition has only received a few more than 460 signatures since being shared about a week ago, but is seeking just 500.

The Facebook post has since caught the attention of the Michelin Guide.

“Who said you needed silver service?” the Michelin Guide commented in response, according to CNN.

More than 15,000 restaurants have received at least one star from Michelin, though only 105 are currently listed on the organization’s website as having received three stars, which is the top mark.

Michelin reportedly indicated in its online response to Burger King Luxembourg that it would check out the popular chain’s burger.