Police: 10 firearms seized from Brad Parscale

The wife of President Donald Trump's former campaign chief Brad Parscale feared he was suicidal and said she saw him load a gun before hearing "a loud bang" as she fled, police documents revealed on Monday.

Parscale was tackled to the ground by SWAT officers when he didn't obey commands and was taken into custody under state guidelines allowing for an involuntary mental illness commitment, Fort Lauderdale police reports showed.

Candice Parscale called police on Sunday afternoon, saying she and the prominent GOP political operative had "a verbal altercation" at their home on DeSota Drive in Fort Lauderdale, according to a report prepared by Officer Timothy Skaggs.

"Candace (sic) advised after a verbal altercation, Bradley manipulate his slide to the rear loading his firearm in front of her," Skaggs reported. "Candace immediately fled residence and stated she heard a loud bang shortly after."

Moments later, though, it was clear Brad Parscale was not injured.

"Candace stated that they realized that Bradley did not shoot himself when they heard Bradley ranting and pacing around the residence and the dog barking franticly," Skaggs continued. "However they were concerned that Bradley might still try to shoot himself, due to him being in possession of several firearms and refusing to vacate the residence."

Skaggs also noted in his report that he saw several bruises on Candice Parscale's arm. She said she suffered those "a few days ago during a physical altercation with Bradley, which she did not report," according to Skaggs.

Police eventually spoke to Parscale over a landline telephone and talked him into walking out of the house, police said. But as he walked out, police yelled "get on the ground" five times, and he didn't comply, according to a report written by Sgt. Matthew Moceri.

"I initiated a double leg takedown" of the 6-foot-6 Parscale, Moceri wrote. "I lowered my level and wrapped both arms around the subject's lower body while applying forward pressure to his mid section with my forehead."

After subduing Parscale, officers seized 10 firearms, which included two shotguns, two rifles and several handguns, from Parscale, according to the incident report.

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