Tucker Carlson compares Breonna Taylor protesters to Hezbollah


Tucker Carlson seemed to compare Breonna Taylor protesters to the armed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah on his Fox News show Wednesday. (See the clip below.)

Guest Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger, chimed in on the protests following a grand jury’s failure to charge police officers with the shooting death of Taylor in her home. Walsh said that Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police brutality are just pretense for a well-funded “radical left-wing insurrection” and that organizers should be hunted down and charged with sedition.

To which Carlson replied: “Well, sure. I mean, if I went on Twitter and said, ‘Send money to Hezbollah,’ I have the feeling I’d be shut down fairly quickly. And I have the feeling if I kept it up, the Justice Department would get involved. People get on Twitter, famous people, very famous people, big corporations, and raise money for rioters who are wrecking our country, and everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s completely cool.’ Why?”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.