Report: Chargers team doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor's lung on Sunday

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor was a very late scratch on Sunday due to a chest injury he sustained just prior to the game that required a hospital visit. We didn’t know what the injury was or how it happened, but now we’re getting a little clarity on the situation. And it’s not good.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a Chargers team doctor punctured Taylor’s lung while attempting to administer an injection that would help him handle the pain of his cracked ribs during the game.

Taylor cracked several ribs during Week 1 and was planning on wearing a flak jacket during the game for protection. Instead, he had to go to the hospital to deal with his collapsed lung while Justin Herbert started in his place.

According to Schefter, the NFLPA investigating this incredible medical misfortune but declined to comment.

Circumstances explain Anthony Lynn’s defense of Taylor

Herbert had a sizzling NFL debut, keeping up with the Kansas City Chiefs and their Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes until the end, losing 23-20. Herbert looked seasoned and calm despite having just minutes to prepare to start, which spurred chatter about whether Herbert should be the starter going forward.

Head coach Anthony Lynn put a stop to that quickly. He reinforced in his postgame news conference on Sunday that Taylor was still the starting quarterback, and would resume that role as soon as he’s healthy.

Taylor’s injury is so freak and so unreal (seriously, a team doctor accidentally collapsed his lung while trying to inject him with a painkiller) that it would be tremendously unfair for him to lose his starting job over it. No matter how good Herbert was, the only way Taylor should lose his job as a starter is through his actual play. Lynn seems to agree with this through his strong defense of Taylor.

Herbert is reportedly starting Week 3 against the Carolina Panthers. According to Schefter, the Chargers wanted Taylor to start against the Panthers, but team doctors have recommended that he not play “indefinitely.”

Tyrod Taylor stands pensively on the sidelines.
Tyrod Taylor didn't start in Week 2 due to a mishap with an injection administered by a team doctor. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)

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