Lions legend Calvin Johnson criticizes President Donald Trump's response to coronavirus pandemic

Detroit Lions legend Calvin Johnson isn’t a fan of the way President Donald Trump has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson appeared on a Michigan panel Thursday to discuss Trump’s response to the pandemic. During the panel, Johnson called out Trump and “leadership at the federal level.”

The panel was set up by Michigan State Rep. Joe Tate, a Democrat. The panel hit on how Trump’s response has impacted local businesses. After retiring from the NFL, Johnson, 34, opened up a marijuana dispensary with former teammate Rob Sims.

Johnson hit on how Trump’s response to the pandemic impacted businesses. He also criticized Trump’s leadership and “lack of empathy,” according to USA Today.

“What if we had a leader by example that wears his mask, that preaches social distancing and believes in the science? So long story short ... it’s leadership that failed at the federal level in leadership and the lack of empathy there about what's going on across this state and the nation. And my heart goes out to the many losses — not only businesses, but people in general, all the losses that we’ve had.”

While Johnson was critical of the federal response to the virus, he praised local leaders, saying Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took things seriously.

The panel was organized in support of Joe Biden, though Johnson did not directly endorse Biden during the event.

Calvin Johnson still considered a legend in Detroit

At 34, Johnson could still be putting up huge numbers in the NFL. Johnson, however, decided to leave the game early, retiring after the 2015 season. The move came as a shock, especially considering Johnson’s career was off to a Hall of Fame start. In nine seasons, Johnson put up 11,619 receiving yards and 83 touchdowns.

Johnson’s early retirement reminded many of Barry Sanders, who also walked away from the Lions at his peak. Despite leaving the game early, both players are regarded as two of the best in the franchise’s history.

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