Former GOP governor leaves Don Lemon speechless with endorsement of Biden


Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder appeared on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon Thursday, just hours after posting an op-ed endorsing Joe Biden. Snyder’s endorsement came as somewhat of a surprise because he is a life-long Republican.

“I'm an American first, before I'm a partisan political person or belonging to a party,” said Snyder. And while he said he will continue to support the GOP and its candidates, he cannot support another four years of Donald Trump.

“I believe in civility,” said Snyder. “I believe that success happens in this nation when we all work together for the common good. And I believe Joe Biden can deliver on that.”

Snyder was encouraged by his children and other young adults to voice his support of Biden. He said, “I got some good advice from some young people on this one.”

Don Lemon was so taken aback by the candid interview that at one point he had to stop and gather his thoughts.

“I don't know what to say to you,” said Lemon. “I am just so grateful to hear someone speak with sense.”

Snyder believes Trump’s divisive rhetoric and political favoritism have split the country. He also believes Trump is only serving the agenda of some Americans, and not a the population as a whole.

“We need to take care of everyone because we need to create an environment where it's not about someone winning and someone losing,” said Snyder. “We need an America where we can win together. Where we find common ground. We grow the economy together. We benefit together. And I believe Joe Biden can deliver on that.”

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