Trump explains why he wants Biden drug tested: 'He is on some kind of enhancement'


On Tuesday, Fox News personality Laura Ingraham aired the second part of her interview with President Donald Trump, in which they covered a broad range of topics, including why he recently called for drug tests prior to the presidential debates.

“I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible,” said Trump. “I watched him in the Bernie debate and he was normal. He wasn't Winston Churchill but he was normal.”

Trump compared that debate to an earlier debate in the Democratic primaries in which Kamala Harris took Biden to task for his political track record.

When Ingraham asked Trump what drug he thinks Biden is taking, the president responded, “Well, he is on some kind of enhancement, in my opinion.”

While Trump believes Biden is taking some type of enhancement drug, moments later he claimed Biden lacks the mental faculties to be president.

Trump said, “Look, Joe Biden doesn't know he's alive but let's see how it all turns out.”

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