Old habits die hard: Tom Brady can't resist zinging Colts with fake crowd-noise comment

You can take the quarterback out of New England, but you can’t take the New England out of the quarterback apparently.

Tom Brady is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now, but he couldn’t resist taking a swipe at an old rival team from his Patriots days when asked about playing with fake noise on Friday.

At 43, Brady is still playing the hits, it seems. For years, the Colts were rumored to have pumped in noise to augment the fans and make it tough on opponents.

But let’s break down this dad joke a bit more, shall we?

Going way back on this joke

The RCA Dome was demolished in 2008. The last time Brady played in the Indianapolis Colts’ former home was in the 2007 — 4,681 days ago.

For more context, Brady’s new right tackle, Tristan Wirfs, was 8 years old then. Brady’s going way back here, digging deep for material.

We bet salty old vet Bruce Arians got a kick out of it, at least.

Did Brady’s arch-rival write his jokes for him?

You might never guess who could have supplied Brady with his material.

None other than ... Peyton Manning?!

Check this out, from a January episode of “Peyton’s Places” on ESPN, with Brady and Manning revisiting their old shootouts at the Dome:

“You couldn’t hear anything,” Brady said about playing in the Dome.

“Yeah, we didn’t pump in noise either,” Manning deadpanned.

“You’re full of [expletive],” Brady said.

Fun times.

Brady cracking on his new coach

So this might have also served as more of a fun-loving shot at Brady’s new QB coach, Clyde Christensen. You see, Christensen was a longtime Colts assistant for about Brady’s first decade in New England.

The two might have been longtime combatants but now seem to be building a nice bond in Tampa. But part of Brady’s bonding method appears to be giving his new coach a little guff along the way.

Shot: “I was telling Coach Clyde that the must have pulled that out of his basement for today’s practice. We had a great time with it.”

Chaser: “That was a joke, everybody. Just want to make that clear.”

Yes, Tom. We know.

New on-field rivalry? Nah

And lastly, the Bucs and Colts sadly don’t play this year. Not in the RCA Dome, old Tampa Stadium or any other place that no longer exists.

It was a fun exchange. And a sign that Brady still can show a little personality every now and then when he wants. Even if his old friend might have fed him the line earlier this year.

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