Nationwide manhunt for suspects in three-state shooting spree ends with arrests of man, woman

Nationwide manhunt for suspects in three-state shooting spree ends with arrests of man, woman

A nationwide manhunt for the suspects involved in a series of shootings spanning three states has culminated in two arrests.

Timothy Sargent, 42, of Akron, Ohio, and 20-year-old Savannah Emich were both taken into custody on Monday by state troopers in South Dakota following a brief chase through the city of Sioux Falls, according to Sgt. Carey Huls with the Indiana State Police. The pair are suspected in a string of shootings across Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana, which left two people dead and another three wounded.

The series of attacks kicked off on Aug. 17, when Sargent allegedly shot and wounded a 29-year-old man on a section of the Towpath Trail in Akron, according to authorities. The victim, who had been living at a homeless camp off the path, was reportedly acquainted with Sargent and help authorities identify him as the gunman.

The first victim was shot multiple times.

A day later, authorities believe Sargent fatally shot his 22-year-old girlfriend, Rebecca Tomlinson, who was found dead near train tracks in Akron, police said. The suspect is additionally accused killing a 62-year-old man who was struck by gunfire while driving on a West Virginia highway in Milton the morning of Aug. 19.

Both Sargent and Emich were also named persons of interest in a shooting outside an Indiana State Park later the same night.

A family of three was driving away from O’Bannon Woods State Park when their car was approached by a Dodge Avenger, which flashed its high beams. When the family pulled over, the vehicle drove up alongside of them and someone inside opened fire.

The driver and his wife were injured but are expected to make a full recovery. The couple’s 16-year-old daughter, who was seated in the backseat, was unharmed.

“The task force here in Ohio worked around the clock with its local partners and law enforcement across the county to locate and apprehend this pair of violent individuals,” U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott said in a statement to ABC News.

Both Sargent and Emich were being held in South Dakota pending extradition back to Ohio, authorities said.

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