Conservative pundit S.E. Cupp names the quality that convinced her to vote Biden

S.E. Cupp
S.E. Cupp

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp on Wednesday said the “goodness” of Joe Biden was “enough of a reason” to convince her to vote for the Democratic nominee over President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Cupp on her CNN show said it became “really clear to me” following Jill Biden’s emotional address Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, in which the former second lady linked her husband’s personal grief to his mission for public service, that “these are fundamentally good people.”

“For me, all the handwringing over this policy or that policy, this vote or that vote, sort of faded into the background,” Cupp explained. “Biden’s goodness, his character, his love for this country and for other people suddenly felt so much more important.”

'Goodness has been gone for too long'

“It felt like enough, enough of a reason to give him my vote,” Cupp continued. “And then it wasn’t if I could vote for Joe Biden, but how could I not?”

“After four years of a corrupt, unethical, narcissistic, racist, sexist, bullying, shaming, vengeful, spiteful, greedy, needy, lying jerk in the White House, goodness has been gone for too long,” she added.

Cupp acknowledged there’s “a lot” she will not agree with Biden on “but we need to make America good again and I know Joe Biden wants to do that too.”

“Biden’s goodness is enough for me,” she said. “That’s why he’s getting my vote.”

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