TCU's Gary Patterson apologizes for using racial slur, saying word is 'unacceptable in any context'


TCU head coach Gary Patterson issued an apology Tuesday morning after a player publicly recounted Patterson saying a racial slur.

The player, redshirt freshman linebacker Dylan Jordan, wrote in a message posted to Twitter that Patterson, on Sunday, chastised him for saying a racial slur during team meetings with Patterson repeating the word in the process. On Monday morning, Jordan said he and his teammates “refused to go to practice,” causing Patterson to go into the locker room to explain himself.

“We refused to go to practice this morning and [Patterson] came to the locker room and said, ‘I wasn’t calling him a [racial slur]’” Jordan wrote. “This behavior is not okay now or ever and there needs to be repercussions to these actions.”

Patterson issued a public apology and admitted to using the slur, saying it is an “unacceptable” word to use in “any context.” He said he met with his seniors and leadership council on Monday night.

“I met with our seniors and leadership council last night about how we move forward as a team, together. We are committed as individuals and as a program to fighting racial injustice of any kind,” Patterson said.

“I apologize for the use of a word that, in any context, is unacceptable. I have always encouraged our players to do better and be better and I must live by the same standards. Our players, past and present, have always been the strength of our program. These men are and will always be my motivation and driving force.”

‘Coach P understands the significance of what he said’

TCU center Kellton Hollins wrote Monday night on Twitter that Patterson “understands the significance of what he said.”

“As a leadership council, we have spoken with Coach P about the events of today. We have discussed ways to move forward while keeping in mind the mental health of the football team. Coach P understands the significance of what he said,” Hollins wrote.

“Regardless of the context, the word is unacceptable to use but even more so in today’s climate. As a team, we will continue to hold coaches and everyone accountable especially as it pertains to the injustices of America.”

TCU head coach Gary Patterson looks on as TCU plays Baylor during the second half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, in Fort Worth, Texas. Baylor won 29-23 in triple overtime. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)
Gary Patterson is entering his 20th season as the head coach at TCU. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Many of Patterson’s players defended him on Twitter on Monday, making it clear that their coach did not direct the slur at any of his players. Artayvious Lynn, a senior tight end, wrote on Twitter that Patterson told Jordan to “stop saying n-word” in meetings. When Jordan replied, “What?” that’s when Patterson said, “you’ve been saying [racial slur] in meetings,” according to Lynn. In another tweet, Lynn said the word “shouldn’t be used in any form,” but was critical of Jordan for putting it out on social media.

Lynn deleted many of his initial tweets, but later came out with a longer message and said he was “completely wrong” for calling out Jordan.

“The word was unacceptable for my coach to say regardless of the context. Coach P was trying to get Dylan to stop saying the word period. In my 5 years of being at TCU I have definitely experienced much racism. I never experienced being called a [racial slur] by any coach,” Lynn wrote.

Patterson, 60, is entering his 20th season as TCU’s head coach. He has a 172-70 record with the program.

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