Katie Ledecky swims with glass of milk on her head and doesn't spill a drop in unbelievable video


Nobody doubts Katie Ledecky’s ability in a pool. She’s got far too many gold medals for anyone to question her greatness.

But even acknowledging that, we have to admit we were shocked and impressed by Ledecky’s latest stunt. The five-time Olympic gold medalist is so good in a pool she can swim with a glass of milk on her head and not spill a drop.

Don’t believe us? Take a look:

Somehow, Ledecky manages to keep her head still enough to transfer a three-fourths full glass of milk all the way to the other side of the pool. As Ledecky shared in a video on Instagram, it took incredible core strength for her to maintain her posture.

Katie Ledecky’s video is part of ‘Got Milk?’ ad campaign

While you might be tempted to think Ledecky performed this stunt just because she can, that’s not the case. It was part of a new “Got Milk?” ad. The video may not have been organic, but that shouldn’t take away your enjoyment of Ledecky’s unbelievable feat.

And if this video inspires others to replicate Ledecky’s stunt, fail miserably and still post the video online, we’ll be all the richer for it.

Katie Ledecky gives a thumbs up in the pool after a race.
Katie Ledecky needed incredible core strength to pull off this feat. (Mark Schiefelbein/AP)

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