Wannabe Mets owner Alex Rodriguez bashed for interview with Rob Manfred

The return of baseball had fans feeling all kinds of emotions on Thursday.

Though when it came to Alex Rodriguez’s inclusion in ESPN’s season-opening broadcast of the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals, their feelings were all channeled in one direction — disgust.

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That’s because many feel it’s a conflict of interest for Rodriguez to be involved in high-profile MLB broadcasts while he and fiancée Jennifer Lopez are bidding to buy the New York Mets.

ESPN even saw that connection as enough of a conflict to remove Rodriguez from Mets’ broadcasts this season. But fans and writers alike thought his appearance Thursday night crossed that line as well. Especially when he took part in an in-game interview with commissioner Rob Manfred.

To many, the interview of Manfred felt more like a Rodriguez job interview. That did not sit well. At all.

Rodriguez was also recently criticized for calling on players to accept a revenue sharing system, which essentially equals a salary cap system. Rodriguez quickly walked back his comment after members of the players’ union rebuked it.

Not a lot of people are interested in hearing about a potential salary cap from a player who earned $441 million during his MLB career.

Even fewer are interested in A-Rod using his social media and broadcast platforms to gain favor with the league and its owners.

Needless to say, he’ll be walking a fine line for as long as he juggles broadcasting with his ownership bid.

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