Justin Trudeau says Canada managed coronavirus better than allies — ‘particularly’ U.S.

Justin Trudeau says Canada managed coronavirus better than allies — ‘particularly’ U.S.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t sugarcoat it.

In a news conference on Wednesday, the 48-year-old Canadian leader said his country has controlled coronavirus “better than many of our allies, particularly including our neighbor,” Reuters quoted the man whose country borders just one other nation.

Trudeau declined an invitation to attend an event on Wednesday in Washington with President Trump and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Trudeau cited scheduling reasons for passing on the event.

His gentle Trump-trolling talk came as The Great White North’s COVID-19 outbreak stabilizes in stark contrast to the U.S., where the pandemic is roaring.

As of Wednesday night, Canada had recored 106,434 confirmed coronavirus cases, and its national death toll stood at 8,737, according to authorities.

The U.S., which has around nine times the population of its northern neighbor, has logged about 30 times as many cases and about 15 times as many deaths.

New cases have surged across much of the America in recent days, with outbreaks raging in states including California and Florida.

“The situation is stabilizing in Canada, because Canadians did their part and followed public health instructions,” Trudeau said. “But we still have to be very careful. Things can change quickly.”