Donald Trump says Bubba Wallace noose incident was a 'hoax'


President Donald Trump has finally weighed in on the Bubba Wallace noose incident, and you’ll be shocked to find out that he doesn’t believe it really happened.

Trump tweeted Monday morning calling the whole ordeal a “hoax” that Wallace should apologize for.

One of Wallace’s team members found a noose in his stall at Talladega on June 21, prompting an FBI investigation. Wallace’s fellow NASCAR drivers rallied around him, decrying racism and staging a show of support with Wallace before the race the next day. The FBI investigation concluded that the noose was a garage pull that had been in the garage since 2019, but questions remain about why it was shaped like a noose and how it got to Wallace’s stall.

Contrary to Trump’s tweet, the FBI didn’t find any evidence of a hoax. Wallace didn’t even find the noose himself.

Trump has never let facts stop him, though. He also said that NASCAR has experienced a ratings drop since the noose incident and since they banned the confederate flag at races on June 10, and just the opposite is true. The most recent race, the NASCAR Xfinity Series Pennzoil 150 on July 5, was the most-watched Xfinity series race in three years.

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