Florida reports over 11,000 new COVID-19 cases, breaking its single-day record twice in one week

Florida reported a record number of single-day coronavirus cases Saturday morning, with 11,445 people testing positive on Friday.

That's a 13% jump from the last time the record was broken on Thursday.

Eighteen deaths were also reported Saturday.

New York is the only other state that has seen more than 10,000 new cases in a day, but their peak passed in April, and new cases have stayed in the hundreds for almost a month.

Florida is not reporting hospitalizations — a key indicator of the severity of the virus — but the Miami Herald reports that the state has promised to start reporting those numbers sometime in the coming week.

Since June 15, Miami-Dade County has seen a spike in hospitalizations, going from less than 600 to over 1,400 now, according to the Herald.

Out of the 65,271 tests administered in Florida on Friday, more than 14% tested positive, according to the Herald.

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