Tom Brady just had to respond to Julian Edelman's post about Cam Newton joining the Patriots


New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is excited to play with his new quarterback, but Edelman’s old quarterback isn’t too happy about that. Tom Brady hopped in Edelman’s mentions after Edelman wrote a welcome post to Cam Newton on Instagram.

Edelman’s post features a picture of Edelman with a photoshopped Newton in a Patriots uniform. The caption reads, “Newton, Massachusetts,” and includes the hashtag “#LetsWork.”

Brady responded to that message by reminding Edelman that Brady was his first quarterback.

Edelman was drafted by the Patriots in 2009, and has played every one of his professional seasons with Brady as his quarterback. All 36 of Edelman’s career receiving touchdowns were thrown by Brady.

That’s going to change in 2020. If Edelman catches a touchdown this season, it will likely come from Newton. The 31-year-old Newton signed a one-year deal with the Patriots on Sunday. With Newton under center, the Patriots are once again expected to be a force in the AFC.

We’re going to guess Brady is just joking with Edelman and isn’t actually jealous that Edelman is playing with a new quarterback. After winning six Super Bowl rings, we’d like to think Brady isn’t that petty when it comes to his legacy.

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