Trump insists he's healthy, says West Point ramp 'was like an ice skating rink'


President Donald Trump insists he’s healthy and says that his unusual walk down a ramp over the weekend was because it was “long and steep and slippery.”

Trump’s appearance at West Point on Saturday raised questions about his health after he appeared to struggle to lift a glass of water, then had a slow and careful walk down the ramp from the stage. But in an interview on Thursday with The Wall Street Journal, Trump said he walked that way because he was wearing leather-bottom shoes.

“They’re slippery,” he said. “I like them better than the rubber because they don’t catch. So they’re better for this. But they’re not good for ramps.”

Trump again repeated his false claim that he ran the last 10 feet down the ramp, and said the video never shows that:

“I spent three hours between speeches and saluting people and they end up, all they talked about is ramp,” he said. “If you would have seen this ramp, it was like an ice skating rink.”

Trump also said he was praised for remaining on the stage in the sun and saluting the cadets.

“That’s not easy. Even the general said, ‘That’s amazing. Other presidents would never have been able to do it,’” he said.

However, instead of focusing on his time with the cadets, Trump complained that the media fixated on his walk.

“And what do I do? I get publicity about walking down a ramp,” he said. “And does he have Parkinson’s? I don’t think so.”

The incident at West Point caused #TrumpIsNotWell to trend on Twitter. It also inspired the anti-Trump Republican group, The Lincoln Project, to create a video questioning his health.

“Something’s wrong with Donald Trump,” the video stated. “He’s shaky. Weak. Trouble speaking. Trouble walking. So why aren’t we talking about this?”

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