FedEx driver cries on Facebook after racist attack

FedEx driver cries on Facebook after racist attack

Black FedEx driver Brandon Brackins was attacked and called the n-word while on the job, TMZ reported.

On Wednesday, the 23-year-old was delivering packages in Lisbon, Ohio, a rural area, when suddenly a “hick” driver ambushed him when he was retrieving packages from his truck, nearly hitting Brackins.

The purported racist yelled at Brackins, calling him the n-word and spitting on him as well.

Brackins took his frustration onto social media, upset and unable to work because his attacker is a racist after the weeklong nationwide unrest about Black lives mattering.

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“Why? Why so much hate? Why so much hate?” Brackins said. “I’m usually really good with words. I really don’t let that s**t get to me, but when you almost hit me and spit on me and call me an n-word—What?

“What the f**k is the point of all of this protest s**t if it don’t work?!,” Brackins said.

The driver, according to Brackins’s tearful video, drove away. Brackins resumed his packaging routes.

In response to the attack, the residents of Lisbon have plastered signs that read “Hate Has No Home Here” on their property, according to Heavy.

“We want to plaster Lisbon with these to show ALL are welcome here and to also send a message to the racist idiot who assaulted this young man,” Christine Schreffler, a resident, wrote on Facebook.

The signs are selling for $10 and intended to show solidarity and support for Brackins.

The Mayor of Lisbon Peter Wilson said a police report got filed and an investigation is expected, WKBN reported.

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FedEx has not publicly commented on the situation, but on June 12, the company posted a tweet about inclusivity and treating others with respect.

“Organizations dedicated to inclusion play a vital role in achieving an equal and just society, FedEx wrote in a tweet. “Our role as a company is to help strengthen that work. We are proud of the missions and initiatives we support that are promoting, inclusion, teaching acceptance, and providing advancement for the African American community.”