Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 — but not its price

Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 — but not its price

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 game console design on Thursday.

The PS5 was unveiled at the end of a video stream where Sony and its partners mostly talked about new games that will eventually launch for the console but, at the end of the event, showed its new game console for the first time.

Sony showed two versions of the console, including one standard “PlayStation 5” and another “PlayStation 5 Digital Edition” that doesn’t have a disc reader. This suggests it will only have a hard drive for storing games, and it may cost less than the other version.

Sony didn’t talk about pricing or a release date for the console, other than saying it will come later this year.

But Sony did reveal the tech specs of the PS5 earlier this year. The console will run on an eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor. Sony also said on Thursday that it will sell several accessories for the new PS5 including a wireless headset with 3D audio support, an HD camera so gamers can broadcast themselves while playing games, a special media remote for navigating through the PS5 menu and a DualSense charging station to power up controllers.

Sony did not announce prices or release dates for the accessories either, but it’s safe to assume they’ll launch around the same time as the main console.

Sony also revealed some of the games that will be coming to the PS5 this year and next year.

The PlayStation 5 will compete directly against Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which will also launch later this year.