Salon ignites online war with client over 'stupid' question: 'Please think before you message me'


When Twitter user Meggy B saw a hairstyle she liked on Instagram, she decided to DM the owner of the salon to ask about pricing — an innocent and typical interaction over social media that turned into Meggy getting blasted by the salon owner to her 43,000 followers.

At first, Meggy’s conversation with Zoey’s Beauty Parlour seemed normal and polite until Meggy asked about extra fees for detangling. Detangling natural Black hair can be a lengthy process and needs to be done safely because it can lead to hair breakage or knotting.

Salons will sometimes have a fee for detangling in-house, typically because it can take an extra 15 to 20 minutes for the stylists. So, it was normal for Meggy to anticipate that her visit to the salon might be more expensive than what was advertised.

The account for Zoey’s Beauty Parlour is under the name Mrs. Klaus on Instagram, so assuming Klaus was the one responding to Meggy, she was wildly unimpressed by the basic question.

“Oh so I’m supposed to deal with it if you can’t deal with it?” Klaus snapped in response to Meggy.

“There’s no need to be rude about it,” Meggy responds. “I was simply a potential client inquiring about your service but clearly you lack the appropriate and proper business etiquette in order for me to be involved with you.”

Klaus replied with “Kk,” and then went on to post on her Instagram Stories.

“Please think before you message me and go back and tell people I’m unprofessional,” Klaus’ Story read. “I lowkey hate when people ask me stupid questions. Please do not ask me stupid questions.”

Meggy shared the bizarre exchange on Twitter, which ended up being retweeted over 80,000 times. With virality like that, it makes sense that Klaus might have seen Meggy’s post, which is why she sent another DM.

“Thanks for the free advertising sis,” Klaus told Meggy. “Anyone with sense can see an edited conversation.”

Then, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Klaus continued to accuse Meggy of editing the conversation.

“I did not delete ANY of the chat!!” Meggy tweeted. “I posted everything as it was and I am shook by this customer service!”

Apparently people on both Twitter and Instagram went after Klaus to prove that the messages were deleted by showing screenshots of her side of the conversation, which Klaus also responded to on Instagram Stories.

People started making jokes out of the interaction.

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