Officer in video forcing man into wall to be disciplined

Officer in video forcing man into wall to be disciplined

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina officer seen on video forcing a handcuffed black man into a wall at a hotel will be disciplined, the police department said.

North Charleston police said in a statement Wednesday that the officer who was detaining Joshua Lewis, 21, did not act in accordance with department policy, news outlets reported. Two other officers involved in the case will also be disciplined.

Details about what disciplinary measures would be taken against the three officers, who weren't identified, were not released. The statement said the officers must go through a mandatory “critical incident training program,” according to news outlets.

The video of Lewis being detained during a “shots heard” investigation May 9 sparked outrage and led activists to demand a racial bias audit of the police department. Lewis was not arrested or charged with a crime in the incident.

Chief Reggie Burgess had released a 21-minute response to the demands, saying the department had been looking into Lewis' three encounters with law enforcement over the course of three days.

Jerod Frazier, an attorney for Lewis, told The Post and Courier he wanted more specific details about the discipline the officers are facing and information about what their required training would entail.