Nationals reveal their 2019 World Series ring and, yes, Baby Shark is on it


As far as championship rings go, this is a new one.

The Washington Nationals revealed their 2019 World Series rings on Sunday via a virtual ceremony, and the ring featured plenty of what we’re used to with championship hardware. A breathtaking amount of diamonds and other gemstones, the team’s logo and various mementos from the franchise’s first title.

It also featured ... Baby Shark.

Screencap of the Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)
Screencap of the Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)

Maybe this was unavoidable.

The children’s song that haunts so many parents with children under 7 turned into the team’s battle cry during its magical 2019 run, thanks to its use as a walk-up song by bench outfielder Gerardo Parra.

Eventually, the song was being danced to by an entire stadium of fans, and is an unmistakable part of the team’s championship run. It’s still surreal to see that image on the subsequent ring though.

You can check out the full ring reveal here.

Nationals’ ring also features perplexing math

In addition to the shark, the Nationals’ ring also includes some interesting math while breaking down the number of gemstones featured. The math started simple with 30 rubies on the team logo symbolizing the 30 runs during its World Series win.

And then we got to the sapphires on the outer rim of the ring, and, yeah, it kinda feels like the team just looked for numbers that let it add up to the number of stones needed.

Screencap of Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)
Screencap of Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)

Things got even odder with the number of diamonds.

The team started with 105 diamonds representing its 93 regular-season wins and 12 postseason wins. That number by itself probably would have been satisfactory. Then it added another diamond to symbolize its World Series win. Sure, though maybe the ring itself is a good symbol of that?

Then it added two more as “a nod to the duality of franchise history,” from the team’s past life as the Montreal Expos.

Screencap of Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)
Screencap of Nationals' ring reveal. (YouTube)

All right then.

At the end of the day, the Nationals get to celebrate the way they want, including their choices with the ring. If they want to slap four emeralds on there to symbolize the bags of sunflower seeds the players went through during Game 7, that’s their right. The team won the freaking World Series.

Nationals had to re-work ring ceremony

What the team ended up having to pull back was the nature of Wednesday’s ceremony itself, as it was previously meant to be a ring presentation ceremony for the players while MLB remains shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it later emerged the team didn’t talk to many of its own players while making the unprecedented decision. So, likely after some protest, they announced the day before that the actual ring presentation would be delayed to when the players can actually meet in person.

Wednesday’s ring presentation ceremony instead became a ring reveal ceremony, with plenty of interviews and congratulations from D.C. figures like celebrity chef Jose Andres, CDC expert Anthony Fauci and Captain, the real dog mascot of the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

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