Rob Gronkowski reveals the main reason he joined Buccaneers, and it's not Tom Brady

It’s easy to assume Rob Gronkowski forced his way to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play with Tom Brady. After putting up dominant numbers with Brady his entire career, why would Gronkowski want to play with anyone else?

As you might expect, Brady going to Tampa Bay did impact Gronkowski’s decision to play for the franchise, but Brady wasn’t the main reason. Gronkowski, 31, told Ellen DeGeneres another person was at the center of Gronkowski joining the Bucs: his mom.

As Gronkowski explained, his mom lives two hours away from Tampa Bay. Gronkowski’s mom can attend every one of his home games with the Bucs. The two can even visit when Gronkowski has an off day.

Obviously, Brady joining the Bucs didn’t hurt. Gronkowski acknowledged that, but made it clear that playing in front of his mom was more important.

After a year away from football, Gronkowski will look to prove he still can be a dominant player in the NFL. Many already consider Gronkowski a Hall of Famer, so anything he adds to his career numbers in Tampa Bay will be icing on the cake.

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