Dad dances with daughter to Ariana Grande song in adorable TikTok

There’s something special about a daughter’s relationship with her dad, and this TikTok really drives the point home.

Kam Kurosaki uploaded a clip of what he considered to be a bewildering scene in the living room — but most will find it adorable. Kurosaki’s dad and younger sister were found dancing to Ariana Grade’s “7 Rings” while playing the video game Just Dance.

The two seem equally very into it.


Pops can’t say shit to me after this one😂

♬ original sound - kamkurosaki

“I’ve watched this man take down dudes three times his size,” Kurosaki commented in the TikTok. “Now he out here shaking his a** with my little sister.”

Based on Kurosaki’s dad’s effortless transitions between each moves, this is not the first time he’s done the dance. The two giggle whenever they catch a glance at the other one dancing.

“Quarantine has changed pops,” Kurosaki adds. “I’ma send this to my older brothers.”

“LMAOOO when they started shuffling in a circle I lost it this is so cute,” one person replied to the video.

The overall sentiment of the comments were in awe of how cool Kurosaki’s dad is for not caring about dancing to Ariana Grande with his young daughter. The sweet video racked up over 3 million views on the platform.

“Ok but that giggle is so pure and these are the best memories she will have,” another person said.

“Little girls be melting the hardest dudes,” a third person commented.

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