TikTok shames teen for not knowing how basic hygiene product works: 'How did you not learn this?'


A Michigan-based 16-year-old has just had the shock of his young life.

Ked Merwin learned that the sanitary pads women use for their periods were not giant bandaids that they rip off of their bare skin at the end of the day. Instead, the adhesive side simply sticks to their underwear.

Merwin kindly spread the word on TikTok, where his upload quickly generated more than 1 million views. Ironically, he begins the TikTok by explaining that he learned the information from another TikTok — perhaps this is how basic health classes should be taught from now on.


I thought it was like bandaid

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“I just saw a TikTok where the girl was like, ‘Pads don’t stick to your skin, they stick to the clothing,'” Merwin began. “I am very shook.”

BuzzFeed reached out to Merwin for an interview and asked him why he thought society was making women plaster giant bandaids on themselves for a week every single month.

“I’m not sure why I thought it worked like that,” Merwin told the outlet. “I figured it would hurt a little to peel off, but period cramps hurt, too. So, I guess I thought pain was a part of it.”

“Uh………….this is why boys need to learn about periods when we do,” one person commented in response to Merwin’s revelation.


“How did you not learn this in school?” a third commenter agreed.

Unfortunately, Merwin’s TikTok was a learning lesson for several other men too.

“I just realized how much the school system has failed me,” one person posted.

“Wait so its NOT like a bandaid ??” one very confused TikTok user replied.

“Why are all the girls saying how we should know and how obvious it is,” a third commented. “Why would we know?”

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