Domino's employee stuns customer with multi-tasking feat: 'I'm picking up my pizza and see this'


Domino’s Pizza has had a history with Twitter moments.

From constructing an Iron Throne out of pizza boxes to taking a shot with the recipients of a pizza delivery to making a bizarre fake sitcom opening to the “Full House” theme song, the Domino’s staff appears to love to balance work and play during their shifts.

But for some, the hustle never stops.

When a Twitter user went to go pick up their pizza, they noticed an employee in the back multi-tasking. The user, who goes by Icy Ike on his social media platforms, shared the unusual sight to his followers.

The Domino’s employee is seen — rather impressively — pouring what looks like cheese into a bottle while simultaneously editing a song on his laptop.

Instead of shaming the employee or making fun of him, the responses to the photo were surprisingly very encouraging — with one person even finding the guy’s SoundCloud account and sharing it.

Domino’s Japan recently caught some attention on Instagram after announcing that they were launching a tapioca pearl topping for their pizza, which was met with mixed opinions.

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