DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar make bond after armed robbery arrest


Bail has been set for DeAndre Baker of the New York Giants and Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks, who turned themselves into police on Saturday on warrants for armed robbery.

According to ESPN, Broward County Judge Michael Davis set bail for Dunbar at $100,000 total, which comprises $25,000 for each of his four armed robbery charges. Bail for Baker was set at $200,000, or $25,000 for each of his four armed robbery charges and four aggravated assault charges, all with a firearm.

Both made bond Sunday morning after the state had asked for no bond for either. Davis ordered both to stay in state, but that he would revisit that order if either was subject to work requirements out of state, according to ESPN.

While they’ll get their bond money back once they make all of their required court appearances, it’s still a sizable chunk of money for each of them. Dunbar is making just over $3 million this season, while Baker’s base salary is just over $970,000.

Baker and Dunbar have been accused of robbing an illegal dice game with 15-20 attendees in Miramar, Florida on Wednesday, along with a third man who has not been identified. Baker allegedly pulled out a gun and told Dunbar and the third man, who was wearing a red mask, to start robbing the other guests. No shots were fired, though multiple witnesses said in affidavits that Baker instructed the man in the red mask to shoot someone who had just entered the house.

Lawyers maintain innocence of Baker, Dunbar

Lawyers for both Baker and Dunbar maintained at the bail hearing that their clients are innocent of the charges. Michael Grieco, Dunbar’s attorney, presented five affidavits that came from the same people (four victims and one witness) that the police got affidavits from earlier in the week. According to ESPN, the prosecutor found it “suspect” that the new affidavits were all directly related to Dunbar’s role in the incident, and that those five people would recant their original statements 36 hours after speaking to police.

Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, claimed he had numerous additional affidavits that he’s not yet ready to present to the state. He did present a small part of an affidavit from Dominick Johnson, a fellow party attendee and friend of both Baker and Dunbar.

“At some point there was an argument that arose between some of the parties that were playing the dice game,” it read, via ESPN. “I was never in fear for my life in any situation that happened that day and DeAndre Baker did not take any property from me and did not point a gun at anyone.”

While maintaining his innocence, Baker released a statement through his attorney thanking law enforcement for their efforts and apologizing for the distraction created by the situation. From Pro Football Talk:

“We sincerely thank all law enforcement for their diligent efforts to uncover the truth herein and sincerely apologize for the distractions that this event has caused to Deandre’s team, teammates and the NFL community during this difficult time in everyone’s life.”

Baker reportedly told to keep distance from team meetings

The Giants told Baker to focus on the legal issues and stay away from virtual team meetings and other team activities, according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan. Baker was participating in the voluntary team activities prior to his arrest. All team activities have been virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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