The ‘Tiny Face Challenge’ is the most bizarre trend that has taken over social media

An old makeup trend has resurfaced on social media, leading users to post eccentric selfies of themselves with “petite faces.”

Called the “Tiny Face Challenge,” several users have given themselves a makeover by covering the bottom half of their face with a scarf and drawing a cartoonish mouth and nostrils on their nose. The result? A hilarious but sometimes freaky portrait.

On April 29, comedian Jaime French shared a 5-minute video in which she walks through the process with her followers.

“Oh my God, I could totally go to the grocery store like this because my mouth is covered,” she jokingly says at one point. “If someone looked at me weird, I could be like, ‘What? It’s corona.'”

The video immediately went viral, receiving over 1 million views and nearly 55,000 likes.

“My four year old and I died watching this,” one person wrote in response.

“By far the best boredom induced sh*t I’ve ever seen,” another quipped.

The “challenge,” in fact, began in 2014, when British makeup artist Anna Lingis-Zavros turned her face into Yoda, French noted on her Instagram. Lingis-Zavros then pulled the same trick again in 2017, when she turned her face into the fictional character Chucky. Since then, a number of users have applied makeup to their faces to create amusing caricatures.

See some of these odd faces below!

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