Couple opens ‘smallest restaurant in the world' amid social distancing measures: ‘I find it poetic’

A Swedish couple has taken socially distanced dining to another level with their new restaurant.

The eatery, self-proclaimed as the “smallest restaurant in the world,” has just one table and requires zero interaction between customers and the staff, according to the Associated Press.

Linda Karlsson and her husband, Rasmus Person, live in Ransäter, a small town with barely more than 100 residents. The village became even tinier when the Swedish government began its social distancing guidelines, which, unlike other nations, allowed restaurants to stay open as long as their tables remained a certain distance apart.

Karlsson and Person took that requirement to heart. Their restaurant, which opened May 10, features a lone table in the middle a field. Patrons can arrive from the road, walk to their seat and wait as their order is delivered in a picnic basket, which is attached to a pulley system.

The idea, which puts the diner in a safe, solitary space while still enjoying a unique meal, is meant to provide a sort of escape during the global health crisis.

“One of the best methods of having an inner travel is, at least I think so, is by food and nature,” Person told the AP of his restaurant. “So, I think this combination and this experience will hopefully transport him somewhere. We’ll see where that is.”

According to Karlsson and Person, the restaurant will stay open throughout the summer, allowing customers to relax with a “public” dinner as Sweden continues to battle the crisis.

The country has stirred controversy with its response to COVID-19, with minimal social distancing resulting in a fatality rate of 31 deaths per 1,000 people. That’s far more than neighboring Denmark, where, according to the AP, residents saw stricter quarantine measures.

Still, Karlsson and Person are trying to find the positives in their endeavor. For example, Person told the AP he was excited to discover that wood sorrel, which he planned to use as an appetizer, was blossoming on his restaurant’s opening day.

” I find it very poetic,” he said.

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