Charles Barkley calls out Michael Jordan for only bullying certain teammates: 'He knows who to pick on'

Charles Barkley respects Michael Jordan’s ability, but not his methods. Barkley called out Jordan on Tuesday, saying Jordan only bullied certain teammates because he knew they wouldn’t fight back.

Barkley lobbed that criticism at Jordan during an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz." Barkley said Jordan has “selective prosecution” when it comes to bullying teammates.

What does that mean? It means Jordan only picked on guys who wouldn’t “whoop the hell out of you,” according to Barkley.

Jordan’s bullying techniques were a major focus of Episode 7 of “The Last Dance,” which aired Sunday. During the episode, a number of Jordan’s teammates weigh in on whether Jordan was a good guy. The episode also features clips of Jordan verbally berating teammates, particularly Scott Burrell.

Burrell and Jordan never came to blows, though that wasn’t the case with all Jordan’s teammates. Jordan and Steve Kerr got into a fight during practice. Kerr has talked about the fight, saying it improved his relationship with Jordan. Their scuffle was covered during Episode 8 of “The Last Dance.”

Given how much Jordan went after teammates, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he challenged plenty of big men during his career. Perhaps Barkley would feel differently if Jordan threw punches at Charles Oakley instead of Kerr but, as far as the public knows, that didn’t happen.

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