Twitter mocks Facebook's bizarre policy that impacts 22.9 million profiles

Facebook, the epitome of data protection, now requires users to send over copies of their driver’s licenses when locked out of their account.

It seems like a decent step, except when it comes to the estimated 2.4 percent of active accounts dedicated to people’s pets. That’s roughly 22.9 million profiles, according to CNN.

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33-year-old Emily Doucet posted a tweet explaining that she’d been locked out of her dog’s Facebook account and was told by the social media platform that she could not regain access until she presented a valid driver’s license — for her dog.

Doucet told BuzzFeed News that she had tried to log into the account because she wanted to update her dog Max’s last name to her married name. After trying a couple of password guesses, she inevitably got locked out.

BuzzFeed reached out to a Facebook representative about the issue and got a response saying that if people are interested in creating profiles for their pets, they should make Pages not accounts.

Doucet is not too bothered by it but told the outlet she was amused by several of the responses to her now-viral tweet. Her bio now reads: “internationally known for having a dog.”

One person even shared a very similar story — with a chaotic twist.

“This literally happened but it was my boss’s dog and the account managed our entire business’s Facebook page,” the Twitter user replied. “When the business first opened, my boss needed a FB account to create our official business page. Rightfully wary of the FB overlords, she signed her dog up. That was 16 years ago. The dog is now long dead, & we got locked out of the account in February.”

“We had to close for the quarantine, & are running all our events over social media now. So we’re having to admit to literal famous people that no, they cannot go live on our FB account because it’s owned by a dead dog who does not have a birth certificate & FB thinks we’re lying.”

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