Inside of unusual Maine McDonald’s sparks confusion: 'Like a funeral home'

In the realm recognizable restaurant franchises, McDonald’s and her golden arches pretty much take the cake.

But one of the fast-food chain’s more famous locations looks absolutely nothing like the classic red-and-yellow brick-and-mortars we’ve come to know and love — and for good reason.

Photos of the Mickey D’s in Freeport, Maine, are turning heads on Twitter after a user pointed out the exterior of the restaurant looks more “like a funeral home” than a place to pick up some afternoon french fries, while the inside resembles “a retirement home.”

Business Insider notes the Freeport McDonald’s was built inside the Gore House, a historic 150-year-old mansion, in 1984 and is, in fact, the only franchise location in the posh seaside town.

Although residents were initially divided on allowing the fast-food restaurant to construct in the town, McDonald’s was eventually granted permission to remodel the Gore House if they maintained the community’s aesthetic.

”What we are doing there is something we probably have never done before in terms of design and the amount of time and effort involved,” said Stephen Leroy, manager of media relations at McDonald’s corporate headquarters, at the time. ”We are willing to spend the money to make it compatible with the area, the history, the community and the people who live there.”

After photos of the Freeport eatery went viral, Twitter users began sharing photos of other unique McDonald’s restaurants around the world — and some of them are legitimately insane.

In Taupo, New Zealand, there’s a Mickey D’s shaped like a legitimate aircraft (yes, you can sit and eat inside the plane).

In Cambridgeshire, U.K., there used to be a McDonald’s restaurant shaped like a U.F.O. (sadly, it was torn down in 2008.).

In Barstow, Calif., there’s a Mickey D’s designed to look like a railroad station, where diners can sit and eat in refurbished train cars (the caboose is the bathroom.)

In Hangzhou, China, the golden arches now occupy the former residence of a Taiwanese president.

And in Vinita, Okla., a massive McDonald’s serves as a highway overpass that crosses I-44.

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