ESPN leaks Trevor Bauer's phone number in a 'massive screw up,' but Bauer turns it into something good


It’s a good thing Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer woke up early to be part of ESPN’s KBO broadcast, because he’ll need to spend the rest of his day trying to get a new phone number.

ESPN accidentally showed Bauer’s phone number during the broadcast. While Bauer could have turned off his phone immediately, he instead decided to turn the situation into a positive.

Though he called out ESPN for the “massive screw up,” Bauer told his Twitter followers he would give away a pair of signed cleats and an autographed baseball over the next 48 hours. In order to get the rules for Bauer’s giveaway, you had to listen to his voicemail.

One fan called Bauer and posted audio of the voicemail, which runs down the various social media sites Bauer runs, including his Twitter and YouTube pages.

Anyone looking to get in on Bauer’s giveaway now might be out of luck. Calling Bauer’s number leads to an automated message stating “the wireless customer you are calling is not available.” Bauer may have already deactivated that phone number.

In the end, the screwup didn’t seem to impact Bauer’s day too much. If that automated voicemail message is any indication, he already has a new number.

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