The final supermoon of 2020 is lighting up the skies on this week — here’s when to see it


It’s only May, but the final supermoon of 2020 is already here.

The phenomenon, which is called the “super flower moon” this time around, will peak in the sky on May 7. So get ready, because this is the last chance of the year to get that perfect stargazing Instagram post.

This is the third supermoon in just as many months, following a “full worm moon” in March and a “super pink moon” in April. The next one, however, won’t arrive until April 2021, according to Cnet.

When to see the ‘super flower moon’

The supermoon technically lasts for three days, but, in the U.S., it will hit its peak on Thursday, May 7, according to NASA.

Specifically, home astronomers should wake up early — rather than stay up late — to catch the phenomenon at its best, as the moon is set to peak at 6:45 ET that morning.

If that sounds like too much activity so early in the day, don’t worry. The supermoon will also make an encore that night, shining in the sky on both Thursday night and Friday morning.

Why is it called a ‘super flower moon?’

The Farmer’s Almanac, which has been responsible for naming all kinds of astronomical phenomena over the years, usually attempts to follow the original, Native American names for supermoons.

It’s no different with the “super flower moon.” The event is, probably unsurprisingly, named for the spring flowers that typically bloomed around the time of its appearance. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Algonquin peoples in southern Canada referred to “full flower moons” several centuries ago.

There were other names throughout history though. Some groups called the phenomenon a “corn planting moon,” or even a “milk moon.”

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