DJ responds to backlash after performing at 'small house party': ‘Nobody is perfect’


A New York City DJ is apologizing after facing a wave of backlash for performing at a “small house party.”

The DJ, Alec Brian, addressed the controversial performance, which took place amid the city’s ongoing stay at home order, on his Facebook and Instagram pages. In his posts, Brian reacted to the response he’d received online after the show, which he said took place on May 4.

“Just to clear things up, I was asked to DJ a small house party,” Brian wrote. “I have been taking all precautions to socially distance, wear a mask and hand washing very seriously to stop the spread.”

Brian went on to say that, due to the current social distancing mandate, he is currently unemployed and used the opportunity to get some “needed money to pay my bills.”

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A post shared by ALEC BRIAN (@dj_alecbrian) on May 5, 2020 at 5:16pm PDT

“If I have insulted anyone or made anyone feel uncomfortable by this event, I sincerely apologize as that was certainly not my intent,” Brian added.

The posts, shared on May 5, drew a series of negative comments, with Facebook users calling the performance “outrageous” and “disappointing.”

“You can’t whitewash this and you haven’t cleared anything up. Wait for unemployment like the rest of us. Even a ‘small’ house party is a house party,” one user wrote. “You haven’t insulted or made us uncomfortable, you’ve *endangered* us.”

“How are you practicing social distancing by Djing at a full blown house party? You and all the other imbeciles there completely broke the law and neglected any of the social distancing laws put into place,” another added.

Other commenters shared videos that they alleged were taken during the party, claiming the clips showed Brian performing without a face mask. The photos did not, however, provide a full sense as to how many people actually attended the party.

Some Facebook users were much more sympathetic, accepting Brian’s apology as an opportunity for growth.

“Nobody is perfect and I am not going to judge you. Take care of yourself and try to do better,” one user wrote.

It’s unclear where exactly the party took place, but alleged videos from the event tagged its location in Brooklyn.

The controversy comes as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has outlined a new plan for reopening his state. According to the New York Times, those measures, including a stay at home order set to expire on May 15, suggest that New York may be slow in its return to normal social activity.

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