McDonald's employee sparks bizarre rumor about popular menu item: 'That's impossible'

Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Or, in this case, a total secret.

An alleged McDonald’s employee posted a clip on TikTok showing how McDonald’s cooks eggs for their breakfast sandwiches.

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The user, who goes by @sean_ford, shows a small white tray with three cracked eggs being inserted into a microwave for exactly one minute. When time’s up, the eggs come out looking like what’s featured on a classic Egg McMuffin.

He captured the TikTok: “Oh no the secret is out.”

The comment section is divided, with some people disgusted over the process, and others arguing that this video is a hoax.

“Not even true I work at a McDonald’s,” one person replied.

“Nah I did this one and my manager yelled at me,” someone else said.

“That’s impossible,” a third posted.

It is suspicious that the three raw eggs were able to magically turn into three perfect, circular patties for the sandwiches in just 60 seconds in a microwave. However, cooking eggs in the microwave is feasible, and a fast-food joint like McDonald’s would prioritize speed and efficiency above all else.

But, on the McDonald’s FAQ page, the company states it uses freshly cracked eggs that are cooked on a grill with an “egg ring.”

Ford’s only other TikTok is another McDonald’s-related one, in which he opens up a box stacked with coupon cards for free items. His caption reads, “Found this stash at work. Willing to trade for toilet paper.” Which, again, begs the question of whether he actually does work at a McDonald’s or not.


Found this stash at work. Willing to trade for toilet paper ##covid19##caronavirus##mcdonalds##fyp

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It remains a mystery — much like the rest of a McDonald’s menu.

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