Woman stunned by delivery from local florist: 'My mom was speechless'


A customer who ordered a simple flower arrangement from a local plant store was stunned to receive a bag filled with hot meals and other goods, courtesy of the business.

Maureen Johnson, an American fiction author, shared on Twitter that her mother, who lives in Philadelphia, ordered some flowers from Castle’s Garden, Lawn, and Landscape Inc. to be dropped off on her porch.

However, when the store’s delivery team arrived, she was surprised to find out they had brought her a little bit more than she bargained for.

“When they brought the flowers, they said, ‘Hang on, we have something for you,'” Johnson shared on Twitter. “The driver went back to the truck and proceeded to bring out a bag of hot meals, and then MULTIPLE bags of groceries.”

“My mom was speechless and asked why,” she continued. “They said, ‘When you called, you mentioned you had promised your daughter not to go out, so we were worried you had no food and brought some.'”

Johnson clarified that her parents “have plenty of food,” as she has set up weekly deliveries for them — but still, Castle’s employees refused to accept payment for the goods.

“I would like to shout out this business to the rooftops,” Johnson wrote in response to the kind act. “This is a roadside plant and garden shop. They brought hot meals from one source and then went to the grocery store and bought food with their own money. They possibly spent more on the food than my mom did on the plants.”

Johnson’s original tweet went viral with over 131,000 likes in a little under a day.

After hundreds of comments poured in from people across the country, praising the shop for helping out a customer during such uncertain times, Castle’s took to Facebook to address the news.

“We can all play a small part in caring for our neighbors and making someone’s day brighter,” it wrote. “Local businessman Victor Corsino is helping by making hot meals. Our delivery driver Dan decided to help by purchasing a few groceries.”

“We don’t do this for recognition and are overwhelmed with gratitude by your response,” it continued. “Please take this opportunity to pay it forward and not only support your local small businesses, but be kind to your neighbors. It is a community effort.”

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