Teenagers' dance video interrupted by unplanned visitor: 'Can't make this stuff up'


A United States Postal Service worker delivered smiles around the world with her delightful and unplanned cameo in a TikToker’s recent video.

The mailwoman, whose identity remains unknown, was delivering packages along her route in Vestavia Hills, Ala., on April 30 when she unwittingly drove straight into the camera frame of Alexis Dinga, who was outdoors shooting a video with friend Collins Kitchens.

Dinga and Kitchens, both Auburn University students, had apparently left a cellphone on top of a mailbox in order to record a dance TikTok on April 30 — just before the USPS worker pulled up and blocked the pair from view.

Noticing the camera and, eventually, the two TikTokers, the mailwoman flashed a massive smile and let out a huge laugh.

Although the dance video didn’t pan out as initially planned, Dinga still shared the heartwarming clip on the social platform, where it has since racked up more than 27 million views, plus thousands of comments praising the mystery mailwoman’s infectious energy.

“We must protect her at all costs,” one user wrote.

“Please tell me you thank her everyday,” commented another.

“This is literally the best thing ever,” said a third.

"Can’t make this stuff up," wrote another.

After the clip went viral, Dinga and her friend tracked down the now-famous postal worker in order to thank her with a gift — a box of gloves, at her request.

The trio also filmed a followup TikTok together, which has since been viewed more than 5.8 million times.


y’all asked, SHE delivered 💙 ##literally @collinskitchens

♬ original sound - dj_yames

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